Jan 22 2010

A bit of background

If you’re reading this without having the faintest idea what FRUP is/was, there’s an old introduction to the game over in the Pages column to the right. It’ll give you the flavour of the thing.

Beyond that, the potted version is: FRUP is/was a fantasy RPG, a parody of other fantasy RPGs, that was supposed to be published by my company Hogshead Publishing in 1995. For various reasons that never happened, and I will be going into those reasons in great and tedious length in future posts.

But before the project crashed and burned I completed 120,000 words of text and commissioned over £4000 of artwork from the likes of future-industry-great Ralph Horsley, and I still own all the rights to it, and it’s a shame to leave it mouldering on a hard-drive where nobody but me will ever see it. So… something might happen with that material. Might be here. You never know.

There is also a Facebook group because Facebook handles images and discussions rather better than WordPress.