The end of Bugtown

A couple of years later, in the Hogshead office, I found myself overwhelmed and brought to sudden tears by an incredibly vivid, agonising memory of the whole Bugtown RPG fiasco. It took me five minutes to delete all material relating to the game from the company’s hard-drives and back-ups, and destroy all paper records of the game. And there went FRUP’s mechanics.

3 Responses to “The end of Bugtown”

  • Lantis Balory Says:

    But you said that you have a copy of FRUP in your personal hard drive.

    Or, have I missed something?

  • James Wallis Says:

    I have digital files for all the existing materials for FRUP. That is: all the art and maps, and 120,000 words of background, world description, character stuff and fiction. No game mechanics, at least not usable ones.

  • Tim Gray Says:

    Pah. Throw a gerbil, and if it runs off the table you fail.

    Mechanics can be got. With some experience, decent ones in a reasonable timescale. Doing all the writing and editing, that’s the hard bit.

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