The very start

The idea of FRUP came to me in about 1991. I’d already been semi-professionally involved in the games industry since the mid-80s, and had been trying to find a publisher for the Bugtown RPG since 1989—more on that later—but at this point I didn’t have any ideas about setting up a games company.

I don’t know where the idea for FRUP came from. I do know where the name came from: it was Graham Staplehurst, gamebook and RPG supplement author, who was an occasional at Paul Mason’s gaming gatherings in Putney. He was the first person I ever heard use ‘frp’—the acronym for fantasy roleplay—as a verb, and he pronounced it ‘frup’. As in: ‘are you frupping this weekend?’

It’s possible I misheard him.

After that, FRUP went on the back-burner. I didn’t really know what to do with it, other than leave it to ferment in the back of my mind, becoming richer and darker and sillier. I did pitch it to Steve Jackson (of Steve Jackson Games) at a convention in 1992 and he laughed so hard that beer came out of his nose, but it was clear that a book called GURPS FRUP was never going to go far, and SJG wasn’t at a place where doing it as a standalone RPG would have been a viable proposition.

And then in 1992 Erick Wujcik entered my professional life.

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  • Jason Durall Says:

    And then in 1992 Erick Wujcik entered my professional life.

    I’ve heard what went down with Bugtown, and have my own Erick Wujcik stories… so you have my sympathies.

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